7 steampunk stories worth reading

adoreSteampunk does not always have the best rep, but when it is done well it is often immensely enjoyable and fun. Because steampunk is set in a pseudo-victorian era setting there are some rather problematic elements of that society, but can be left unexamined in the fiction. Some steampunk choose to deal with this, some do not – and sometimes it fits the story to do and sometimes it does not. This list has books of both persuasions. At least some of the books here takes a hard look at the class, gender, sexuality and race issues of the era. But mostly they are just good stories, that I want you to enjoy as well. Continue reading 7 steampunk stories worth reading

What the vikings ate

These were some the viking foods I had sitting in my kitchen today. Spring onion, pearl barley, garlic, salt, coarse flour, apples and some hard cheese.

Saturday I visited MoMu (Moesgaard Museum) with my boyfriend who had yet to see the museum. I of course visited the museum shop and picked up a viking cookbook, that I was yet to own (Bålmad for moderne vikinger). It had a lot of great information along with quite a few interesting recipes. It also had an introduction where it among other things talked about which food were available in the viking age. It wasn’t quite sure about some of the items, which sparked me to research some more. I decided to make a list of food stuff that was available to the vikings at home and something might have encountered on their travels and possibly imported. I also decided to make a list of food stuff that they definitely didn’t have. Continue reading What the vikings ate

What the vikings definitely didn’t eat

Browsing the web, especially on pinterest I sometimes come across some medieval and viking recipes, for markets no less, that makes me groan. This isn’t about perfect authenticity but it is about presenting something that is plausible – especially when cooking for the public.

In my little project to make a list of what the vikings might have eaten, I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of food that is definitely no-go for viking and early medieval events. The food on this list was either not invented till much much later OR is food stuff only found in the Americas and that the Europeans wouldn’t know till after Columbus – like turkey.

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Short stories of 2016

I didn’t quite make last years challenge of 100 Short stories of 2015, I did manage to read 59 short stories last year. So this year the challenge is a more manageable #50shortstoriesin2016. I noticed last year then I could see that I couldn’t reach the goal I kind of stopped reading short stories, and that definitely wasn’t the plan.

If you want to see the specific stories read this year you can see them on GoodReads.  Here you can also see my mini-reviews and star ratings of the individual stories. Here I however got the stats! Because I love stats! All the stats!

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Novels read in 2016

You can see a list of the books I have read this year on GoodReads where I keep track of what I am reading throughout the year. You are welcome to friend me there, but please leave a note and explain you found me through here 🙂

My reading goals for this year is: 50 novels. Within those I want to read more more non-american authors. I want to read at least 10 books by people of color because my reading this has been super white. I want to read books about non-straight characters. I will also be reading books in series I already started as well as books for the book club I am in, where it isn’t me doing the book picks.

And now for the fun part! Stats!

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