Challenge: 25 short stories in 25 days

challengeDay: 25
Stories read: 25

I have decided to set myself a challenge to read 25 short stories in 25 days, one each day. And I want to write a blog post on each story, starting today. I will read anything from flash fiction to novellas. I will only read one story from each author to read broad, to push my comfort zones and to expand my mind.

Author stats

Authors read: Gennifer AlbinKat HowardDarrin DraderJeffrey FordRachel SwirskyMichael Swanwick,  Maureen F. McHugh

Females: 13
Males: 12

Pasty-white: 18
People of colour: 7

USA residents: 18
Outside USA: 7


I got a few short story collections sitting around already that I am yet to finish, so this is also an excuse to finish these. I originally thought to do 30 stories in 30 days but since that will take me into Christmas I decided 25 was more reasonable. I can always up the challenge later.

Because there is only 2 hours till midnight I will read a piece of flash fiction today or a very short short story.

If anyone else want to take up the challenge please send me a link either here or on twitter!

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