Doctor Who: Sad episodes

a4960d9ea64f2e7336f7d36e0daf8a3eMy sister do not like the sad episodes. She does not like sad stories. I however daps the tears of my cheeks and smiles while I have my heart broken over and over again by the best stories. The sad stories lends depth and meaning to the happy ones. Makes them mean something.

My favourite eleventh doctor episode is The Girl Who Waited because it has so much emotional impact. It is extremely sad and all of the charters has to make such big and harsh decisions.

I also adores that Amy saves her self in that episode – multiple times. She saves herself from the robots and she saves her younger self and let her have happiness. Once again we get reminded that:

The Doctor lies

but he does so for good reason (mostly) and it is almost always in situations like this where it is necessary. But he also makes hard choices, who do you save. Does new experiences makes us a new and separate person or are we still the same person we were ten years ago? The happy episodes rarely makes us think about things like that. However the happy episodes are what makes us fall in love with the show, over and over again. The show would be unbearable if it was all sad episodes.

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