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Jim C. Hines

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On December 3, 2013
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You know a book is good when you don't want it to end, is looking forward to the next one and want to play the roleplaying game.

15824178Title: Codex Born
Series: Magic Ex Libris
Published: 2013 by DAW
Pages: 320 pages
Status: December 2. – 3. 2013
Genre: Urban fantasy

This is the second book in the Magic Ex Libris series. I loved the first one and the second one definitely lived up the promise.

First of all this series is just tons of fun! The idea of magic being a matter of pulling stuff right out of books based on the size of the readership of the book – amazing! How can I not love a book that is stuffed full of not only references to my favourite books, but uses the most iconic items from those books. Isaac got a babble fish in his ear for crying out loud and it is plot relevant. When it was mentioned in the first book that Mira Grant’s Feed of course was locked so nobody could pull the zombie virus out I squealed like a little girl, because of course it is!

I do not only love the world building, I want to play a role-playing game in the world with some of my most book nerdy friends. I would be so much fun to see us all trying to remember book titles and come up with just what item to use in the situation our crazy GM would throw at us. I know just the group to play this with.

This series is really book love incarnated Isaac is of course a librarian, of course he is, what other job would he have. There is meta-fictional work and then there is this series.

Ok enough squeeing about that. What I also really like about this book is how emotional they are. And how complex those emotions are. Lena and Isaac’s relationship is complicated and really interesting. I love that they both struggle with it and that they both love each other.

I also really like that none of their problems is because one of them is holding the idiot ball. But that their problem stems mostly from unforeseen consequences and from antagonists. I also really like that this book series is painting the antagonists in shades of grey. They have reasons for acting as they do. I also really like that Isaac has loyalties to a man that he isn’t sure is really a good guy – his loyalties is profoundly tried throughout the book. He is never quite sure if he is being lied to, if his boss really have a good reason for acting as he does and did or if he is just being an asshole. As a reader you are not sure either.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I did not want the book to end. I am also really looking forward to the next one!

You know a book is good when you don't want it to end, is looking forward to the next one and want to play the roleplaying game.

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