Reading stats 2013: What I read this year

fd48c78baf3274b2fe50dfe14435dd72The year is almost over and I think it is time to look back on what I read this year. I will do a few posts on this, in this first one I will look at the reading stats of this year. How much did I read, by who and about whom?

This year I have read more books and stories than I have ever before – at least since I started keeping track of what I am reading. I have read 86 novel length works and I think I will sneak in one more before new years eve – there are four days yet after all.

I have also read a huge number of short stories both in collections, anthologies, in magazines and randomly single stories on the web. In this post I will only look at the novels I have read this year.

What were the books?

In 2011 and 2012 I read about 50 books each year, so 86+ novel length works is quite a step up. Not all of them were novels though.

Non fiction: 2
Collections, anthologies etc.: 8
Novels: 76

So who have I read this year?

I am excluding the non-fiction and the multi-author collections. That leaves the novels. This year I read works by 33 authors. I have also read a lot of people who I have not read before, as well as some authors who I am long time fans of.

Authors that I have not read before: Suzanne CollinsAudrey NiffeneggerCarrie VaughnJim C. HinesMary Robinette KowalGail CarrigerEve LanglaisAnn LeckieAlan BarnesPeter S. BeagleDiana RowlandRichelle MeadPhilippa BallantineTee MorrisSophie OakPatricia A. KnightKaitlyn O’ConnorShelly LaurenstonSaskia WalkerKim Harrison,  Tim Maughan

Authors who I have read before: Seanan McGuire (Mira Grant), Anne PerryTamora PierceMeljean BrookLaurell K. HamiltonBen AaronovitchNeil Gaiman,  Ian TregillisJacqueline Carey,  Nalini SinghFaith HunterTansy Rayner Roberts

Male: 8
Female: 25
24% male authors and 76 % female authors

POC: 1
White: 30
eh…: 2
Lets call it 100 % and look embraced.

Americans: 22
Non-americans: 11
33 % of the authors I read lives outside US, most in United Kingdom

So that was a really interesting little statistics on the authors. I’m not surprised on the number of female authors I read this year, I always read more female than men. I find it a bit embracing that only one of the authors I read this year were non-white – I think that might be part of my new year resolution, to read more POC authors. I am however quite pleased at how many non-American authors I read this year, I was fearing a something more like 90 % Americans, but it turns out that the United Kingdom has been quite well represented this year.

So what about genres?

I would like to see genres that has dominated this year’s reading. I will try to just pick the dominating genre for each book. I will count all books in series.

Urban fantasy: 34
Science fiction: 11
Romance/erotica/paranormal romance: 11
Steampunk: 7
Fantasy: 5
Mystery/crime: 4
Alternative history: 2
Mainstream: 1
Superhero fiction: 1
Media tie-in: 1

Urban fantasy has definitely dominated the year, with a string of good long series of easy to read books. But I have read a good amount of science fiction this year as well and of course a some steamy paranormal romance of different kinds. A lot of these books fit into more than one genre category.

When I was a teenager I was reading way more fantasy than science fiction, but these days it seems that I read very little fantasy. Possibly because I am kind of tired of some the tropes, possibly because science fiction tend to be more thought-provoking. But I do love a good fantasy book every now and again and the ones I read this year has been great

See all the novels that I read in 2013 @ goodreads

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