Black Swan Rising

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Lee Carroll

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On January 11, 2014
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7951552Title: Black Swan Rising
Series: Black Swan Rising, book 1
Published: 2010 by Bantam Press
Read: August 12 to 31, 2011
Format: Paper book
Genre: Urban fantasy

This is one of the most poetic urban fantasy books I have read. It sucked me in and I really enjoyed it. I think it is pretty undiscovered which is a shame.

I hadn’t gone over the edge – the World had.

The first part of the book sucked me in with in just a few pages. It is really wonderful to read an urban fantasy with an adult main character. Her emotions seem very real especially in the first half of the novel. Carroll creates the most amazing images both of NY and of the more magical sites in the book. During the reading I constantly turned to google to see images of the places Gareth takes you.

The first part of this book is definitely the strongest. The more fantasy part of the book does feel a bit weaker. Not bad just less compelling. In the last half of the book our main character is kind of passive much of the time and there are a lot of description, which make it less interesting when the first part. Gareth just get sweeper along in part of the book which is a shame.

The ending was surprisingly long and melancholic – reminding me of the ending of lords of the rings. I really enjoyed the book.

Definitely worth reading! And the included first chapter of the next book makes me want to pick it up as well.

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