I broke my tablet

DSC_0366So that happened this morning is this: I had slept in the living room last night because I couldn’t sleep and it quite often work for me to move somewhere out of the bed to fall asleep when that happens. I normally use my tablet as my alarm clock since it is near my bed anyway and it is more likely to have power than my phone. When I turned off the alarm and put the tablet back on the table, I dropped the tablet and it hit the floor on a corner. The screen is completely busted. Totally broken and unresponsive.

My Samsung 8,9″ tablet is my primary reading device. I read about 80 books on it last year, and I use to use the internet, check twitter, listen to podcast and much more. I was pretty horrified. And to say the least my morning was pretty ruined.

My tablet is a little under 2 years old and I was thinking about getting a new shiny one this spring, not because anything was wrong with it but because… shiny! So I guess this forced my hand, though I had looked forward to having a spare tablet in the kitchen, but I guess that is not to be.

I have been extremely happy with my Samsung tablet, it is by far the best gadget I have had – I much prefer it to my smart phone or a laptop for most things (not including typing). It was a birthday present from my parents and it has served me very well. So goodbye Samsung tablet, you will be missed.

nexus-7-2013So I had thought about getting a Nexus tablet as my next one. I did a little research and I have decided to get the Nexus 7, because the 10″ model is too heavy. I am used to having a quite light tablet and I would rather have bit smaller screen than a heavy device that don’t work well for reading. I have now ordered one from Amazon.co.uk.

Why don’t you just get it repaired you might ask. Well I could but for 700 kr (130 $) more I can get a brand new tablet and I was thinking of upgrading anyway. So a new shiny tablet will arrive next week and until then I am reading a paper book.

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