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I have been ill with the flu a lot this month to my great annoyance and adding stress to my work. While I have been ill and recovering I have not really been able to read much regular fiction. I simply have not had the energy which is why I am now going on week two of reading the same novel. However comics have been the perfect fit for my bored but low energy mind. I have not just read a comic or two but a whole host of them! I thought it would be fun to list them all. Some of them I probably don’t have a lot more to say on than FUN. Ok enough babbling lets see some comics.


Hawkeye Vol. 1 Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon written by Matt Fraction & art by David Aja. This comic just has the best art. As a graphic designer this just hit home with me. It is so stylish, minimalistic and effective. It really plays with how the panels are laid out and uses pictograms as well. The story is also really enjoyable. I have really fallen in love with the Marvel b-list heroes in the course of this last month. Hawkeye is my kind of hero, not so perfect that he is boring but with the heart in the right place. In fact he is not really perfect at all. His life is messy and full of a lot of grey. I love the humor of the comic and he just have the best friends. Laugh out loud funny at times. I really liked the how did I get into this mess set up of each story. Clint Barton and Kate’s interactions are really neat. Their banter is funny and I love the way Clint deals with his stupid landlord and the references to Captain America.

X-Men Vol. 4 #2 X-Men Vol. 4 #2 written by Brian Wood & art by Olivier Coipel. I read the first volume of the all female x-men comic last fall but never got further with it. So I picked up the second volume now. I have to say that the storyline sucked me in and the women are kick ass! Awesome action. I love to get to know the female x-men. You know I love female protagonists and they really get to shine. Also a plus, not cheesy romance plotlines forced in over the story’s head to “please” the female readership. Loving the artwork. The guided view on comixology really works with this one.

Black Widow Black Widow (2014-) #1 written by Nathan Edmondson & art by Phil Noto. After reading Captain Marvel last month, I went hunting for more comics with strong female leads. After the last Avengers movie I of course wanted to check out Black Widow. I am not wildly impressed by the story. However the art is pretty neat – very stretch like. It was enjoyable and entertaining, but it did not blow my socks off, though it did managed to surprise me which was of course nice.

She HulkI was however very impressed with She-Hulk #1 written by Charles Soule & art by Javier Pulido. Look at that amazing cover by Kevin Wada! Unlike her male counterpart Jennifer Walters do not turn into her hulk, she is permanently green and strong. Jennifer is an attorney and the comic manages to make that quite heroic and she gets to fight robots. The story is really cool and so is Jennifer. There are some great humor in this one. The artwork is very clean comic book style, but the layout of the pages makes it special.

Legends of Red Sonja Red Sonja #1Legends of Red Sonja written by Gail Simone et. al. I have never read Red Sonja before, I didn’t even really know her as a character (the shock, the horror). Over the last year I have head a lot about the relaunch with the all female writing team. For Legends of Sonja Marvel have brought in a bunch of big authors including Tamora Pierce. I of course had to check it out. And I have to say that I loved it. Especially Legends of Red Sonja. The story plays with unreliable narrators in the most interesting way. They write the story told by the unreliable narrator while showing what actually happened. It is done really cleverly and quite funny. Such clever writing.

Captain America

Captain America (2002-2004) #1 written by John Ney Rieber & art by John Cassaday. After seeing Captain America show up in numerous of my other comics as a supporting character (and liking the movie), I thought I should check out a story with him as the hero.  The story was original written in 2002, and is set right after 9/11. Which I personally think is very brave of marvel. The story deals with our fear of muslims and sends Cap on a hunt for non-muslim villains using terror in America. It is a brave story and it has so many great scenes commenting on the mood at the time. Definitely an ark worth reading. And that is without even mentioning the beautiful artwork.

Sex Criminals Sex Criminals written by Matt Fraction & art by Chip Zdarsky. Lets start by saying, no it is not about what you think it is. It is however very much about sex. This is such a great story about sexuality and about discovering and growing into your own sexuality. It talks a lot about the lack of good information for teenagers out there. It is also a love story, a comedy and about how to use your powers. Both the protagonists (John and Suzie) have had healthy active sex lives before finding each other and it is never once seen as a bad or a shameful thing in the story! The story talk about porn and masturbation as well. The art is really great, it is sexy without ever once tipping over into erotica. The story is soo funny and clever. I laughed out loud a lot while reading it, earing strange looks from my boyfriend. If you have not read it yet, what are you waiting for!

White Tiger White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion written by Timothy Liebe & Tamora Pierce (OMG) & art by Phil Briones. I have wanted to read this comic for years, but never got around to buying it until now. I really wish there were more than the six issue that I got. I really liked Angela Del Toro as a person as a super hero. She really kicks ass, she is sassy, snarky and generally awesome. The story is really funny at times, entertaining and compelling. I could not stop reading – I had to read all six in a row. I love Angela’s interactions with the other superheros like Black Widow (who takes her costume shopping), Daredevil (who is having her back) and Spiderman who constantly brings her donuts (cop joke). The only downside, now I really want to read another Tamora Pierce book and I got too many other good books I want to read. The art is so so by the way.

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin Written by Jim Butcher & Mark Powers & art by Joe Cooper. I adore the Harry Dresden files and I’m really looking forward to reading the last one when it comes out in May. I’m not really a big fan of text-heavy comics and this sadly fell into that category. However it was really cool to get another Dresden story and to see him on the page. But I didn’t find it as compelling as most of the other comics I have read this year. However not a bad read, it was just rather predictable.

DIG016036_2  Wolverine (2014-) #1 written by Paul Cornell & art by Ryan Stegman. The story drops you into the middle of a story arch, that I have not followed. I was not prepared for this, most of the other Marvel #1 I have read are good starting points. I don’t think this was. I did like the part of the story that I got and as always with Wolverine there were some cool interactions with other heroes (none of which were familiar to me). The art is super dramatic and quite pretty.

14623529 Princeless: Book One: Save Yourself written by Jeremy Whitley & art by M. Goodwin. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it! This is one of the funniest comics I have read in a long time. It is definitely all ages. I would love to read it to some of the children my friends have. It is also feminism done right! It is never preachy but is just so funny and makes fun of the silly assumptions classic fairy tales make. I know that is nothing new but this is one of the best examples I have seen of it! Now Who should I buy this for, where do I get the trade?! (just checked it is out of stock everywhere – buhh)

So what would I recommend that you pick up?  PrincelessWhite TigerCaptain America;  Sex CriminalsLegends of Red Sonja & Hawkeye.

In other comic news I visited the comic book store, Faraos Cigarer, in Copenhagen a few weeks ago and picked up the trade paperbacks of Saga so I can lend it to my friends who I am trying to conceive that they need to read Saga. I think it is my first every purchase in a comic book store – they are not really common in Denmark so that was a new experience for me. The male clerk was really nice and we talked about Saga a bit while my sister was deciding what she needed to bring home.

So as you can see my last few weeks has been all about comic.

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