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Thinking about GenreDo I am reading tons of blog posts today and a lot of them were super interesting so I thought I would share them with you! This will be a new recurring feature – I will make a new of them when I think I got a good about of links. I will try to gather links that make me think about genre in new ways.

For good reasons Tansy Rayner Roberts won the Hugo for her fan writing last year. Today she is a great post on the influence of female authors on her as an author. That of course added to my to read list on GoodReads (evil). Go read her post “On Influence

Last week on Jim Hines’ great blog he had Charlotte Ashley on to write a guest post. She writes about her young daughters and race. The post made me tear up. If you wonder what all the fuss about representation and diversity is about, go read Ashley’s post! The Princess Problem – Charlotte Ashley

2013 Locus Recommended Reading List came out earlier this month. I have already read one great short story from the list (The Master Conjurer by ) and it will probably guide my next few short story pick ups. You should go take a look at it. There are some interesting stuff there.

Karen MillerI am catching up on Sleeping with Monsters over at A cool series of posts written by Liz Bourke with a feminist view on genre fiction, but keeping a tone of vague positivity. Right now I am reading a very very long interview with Karen Miller, where she among other things is talking about writing tie-in-novels. It is a view inside in the publishing industry. Miller talks quite a bit on gender issues in publishing, about gatekeeping, about feminist issues in general. She also talks about the novels she has written and I have read a few of the things I found that particularly interesting.

In the latest podcast from SF Signal they talked about tropes they would like to retire and tropes they wanted to see more of. Predictably the hated tropes took the front seat and it was an interesting discussion. But at least as interesting is Gail Carriger’s followup post where she talks about the tropes that she do in fact love. I love her more productive look at the discussion and I might just do my own post on tropes. Check out Gail’s post  “Authors Reading ~ Tropes Gail Loves“.

RedshirtsFX Adapting Sci-Fi Novel ‘Redshirts’ As Limited Series – just in case you had not heard yet. I am soo looking forward to this. I think it is going to be so funny if it is done right and it sounds like it has every chance to be done right. Please do it well FX! I adored Redshirts, the book, it was just so darn funny (as in giggling walking down the street listing funny).

Over on io9’s observation deck is a great article on young adult fiction. It basically explains why it is ok for adults to read it (and it totally is) and debunks a lot of the myths there is about young adult fiction. If that sounds interesting go read Age Appropriate – What’s Wrong With YA? (I can’t find the author name sadly). I have to say it had me rethinking some of my knee-jerk reactions to seeing a book shelved under YA and I have read tons of YA, so I should know better.


vikingx-inset-communityI am a history nerd and one of my favourite periods is the viking age in Scandinavia, so when this article, “Invasion of the Viking women unearthed” my ears pricked up. Apparently new archaeological evidence shows that the norse women went with the men on viking. It would be cool if this could make it into fiction (hint hint). I am yet to read a good viking centered book with a female protagonist.

Speaking of interesting history. The other week I found a blog on the history of sexuality as an academic research area. It is really interesting both in subject matter and in methodology. Go take a look at Notches – (re)marks on the history of sexuality.


Over the last few months I have backed a few Kickstarters and I thought I would give a shout out to them. Ok I didn’t back a few, but quite many, but they are so awesome projects, how can I not. Some of them are sending out rewards soon, so I am really looking forward to that.

  • Kaleidoscope: Diverse YA Fantasy. Such a great idea with some wonderful authors working on it. I have already gotten my two novellas and now I am just looking forward to the actual anthology to come out. Perhaps the novellas should be my next short fiction reads?
  • Help fund HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!! which is coming out in July this year. I love the short story by Keffy R.M. Kehrli that kicked off the anthology, it was so funny.
  • Sword and Laser Video Season 2:  which is coming out with the first show tomorrow. I am looking forward to more author interviews and white board videos.
  • Gail Carriger’s Crudrat: Full-Cast Audiobook which should be finished in Marts if the updates are to be belived. I love Carriger’s writing style and humor so I don’t think this can be anything but really cool.
  • War Stories: Modern Military Science Fiction. Science fiction stories on the consequences of war. What is really interesting about this title is how diverse the author groupe is and the fact that many of them has a military background. The finished book should be out in June.
  • Steampunk World: A multicultural steampunk fiction anthology. I have a soft spot for steampunk. And this anthology wants to take steampunk out of Victorian London which I find really exciting.  An ARC is send out to the backers really soon – which is pretty darn cool.
  • Women Destroy Science Fiction! and horror and fantasy! I am really looking forward to getting the summer issue of Lightspeed. I have a great track record with Lightspeed stories so I can’t wait to see what they will do when they try to blow up science fiction. The non-fiction essays they have posted in the backer updates already are really good reading.
  • If you are looking for an interesting crowdfunding project to back I will suggest looking at “Streets of Shadows – A Noir Urban Fantasy Fiction Anthology” because what can go wrong with noir urban fantasy! Love both styles and I have loved the mash-ups I have seen so far.

I have to say that I find it really exciting to be backing fiction. I think this business model have real promise. I get to feel really good about supporting art, the creators gets more freedom to do projects that are hard to sell in traditional ways and I end up with very cool products when it is all set and done!

 The Loot

In other news I just ordered a stack of books because of Tansy’s evil post. I wanted to get which is an anthology of humorous fantasy stories from 1995. I had to get it in paper from It was so darn cheap I decided to order some more books from my wishlist – because why not? I am finally getting an English copy of  and of both have been on my wish list for quite some time. This year’s reading goals has   on there, so I ordered , which is also only available in paper. Everyone is recommending this one so that is the one I’m getting. I tried reading her Brightness Falls from the Air and I must admit that I failed to get through it. Lastly I ordered The Circle by  &  because I want to read more Scandinavian fiction this year as well. I am looking forward to all of it arriving later this month from England.


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