Thor: The Dark World

thor-the-dark-world--thor-karanlik-dunya-2013I finally watched Thor: The Dark World last week while I had the flu. And it is surprisingly good! Especially compared to the first movie!

When I watched the first Thor movie I didn’t know the Marvel superhero at all. I am a big fan of Norse mythology – being Danish I have known the myths since I started in school – yes they actually teach the myths – it is awesome. So seeing Thor and Loki (who are no where near brothers in the myths btw) running around with freaking horns on their helmets in a space Asgaard hurt my heart quite a bit. Of course it didn’t help that the Asgaard-bits were snoozing boring in the first movie. The good bits of the first movie were on Earth when Thor didn’t understand Earth. And there were some nice action. So the first movie was about a Meh for me – at best.

However the second movie however was so freaking awesome! Now I actually do know the Thor superhero a bit better and I have gotten over the shock of what-are-they-doing-to-my-mythology-horror. It also help that they cut down the boring horrible Odin is talking exposition quite a bit in the second movie. I didn’t want to hit the script writers once! The action was really cool – I laughed out loud over how over-the-top awesome it was. But even in the most epic scene they still smashed fewer buildings than in Superman – which is a plus. I don’t like collateral damage much in fiction.

thor2Jane Foster had a cool role – she got to be more than just the bait and love interest. Thank you. She has the most wonderful awkward dating scene with a guy in the start of the movie – which kicks most rom-com’s butt. (I hope we see that guy again – he was adorable and the sweetest guy) Jane gets to save their collective asses with her science in the big action scene! So great.

I love her intern and her intern’s intern! They were so much fun. I also really appreciated that the bumbling idiot sidekicks (seriously generic adventure party 5 – go away) from the first movie had been turned into actual characters who wasn’t just comic relief. Another minor character that has me clapping is Heimdal, who is black and awesome. Another one of Marvel’s awesome choices over the last few years. He is just so freaking badass and look amazing! I find myself totally ignoring the other characters in a frame where he is in.

d577c31250e2f20fb2dd75d784630ac4Oh and don’t get me started on Loki, he was just amazing. I loved how they played on his illusion power multiple times and still managed to take me by surprise every time! The scene where Loki turns into captain america is just amazing! Thor’s and Loki’s interactions throughout the movie makes me finally understand Tumblr’s obsession with the two.

One thing that really has me kind of baffled is why Marvel (no idea where this originates) is going with Greek inspired architecture and costumes for the women rather than Norse? That is just weird?

I will stop writing before I use the word awesome for the 30th time in this squeee. I should probably try to expand my vocabulary… hmmm

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