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I am still reading lots and lot of comics. I am still struggling with finding out how best to track what I read. Goodreads don’t seem to be the answer, it skews my reading stats – and lets face it – reading a comic – not the same as reading a long novel. But anyway, I thought you might want to know what I am reading and what I can recommend for you. I will just mention the new series I have gotten into… just assume I am still reading the ones I mentioned in the last Comics, lots and lots of comics post if I liked them.


ratqueens 1 Rat Queens written by Kurtis J Wiebe & art by John “Roc” Upchurch. This comic is so much fun! It is like the best D&D session you can imagine turned into a comic book. The characters are all female and all different races. A  rebellious dwarf fighter, a homosexual gnome rogue, a elver magician and  a black x-culturist human cleric. The art isn’t super polished but rather has a sketch like quality to it. There is tons of humor and action. They curse, get drunk, have sex, fight ogres, break in, have bar fight and it is all just great fun! Probably not safe for work.

Loki_Agent_of_Asgard_Vol_1_1_Textless Loki: Agent of Asgard: Cover by Jenny Frison,  written by Al Ewing & art by Lee Garbett. I really like this Loki! He is clever and sweet and full of tricks. They are playing with some meta-fictional elements about his backstory, which plays a strong role in the plot of the series. I like Garbett’s art better than I like the cover art – especially when it is set in modern day New York rather than Asgaard. The dialog is clever and there is some nice interplay between Loki and Thor in the first issue. I would recommend checking it out if you like Loki in the Thor movies. I enjoy this way more than reading the Thor comics.

x-23 X-23: Innocence Lost: Written by Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost, pencils by Billy Tan. I really liked the story. It is so strong and so heartwrenching. The art in Innocence Lot is great! There is so much emotion, not only in the faces of the characters, but in body language, colours and environments. However the art in X-23: Target X by Mike Choi I find disturbing. X-23 is around 14/15 in this part of the story, but Choi draws her as if she was 30 with big breast, very revealing clothing, up skirt shots. Even in the flashbacks where she is much younger, she is still drawn this way, just with slightly smaller breasts. It is such a contrast to be beautiful art of Billy Tan that I was quite disturbed and annoyed. But the story is still really good and I keep wanting more of it. So I can definitely recommend Innocence Lost and if you can live with the art, Target X is also good.

nyx1 NYX #1: Cover by Joshua Middleton, written by Joe Quesada & art by
Joshua Middleton. This story is so different! It is about a teenage girl from a rough neighbourhood who lost her father. Though a series on unfortunate events she discovers that she has the power to slow down time until she touches someone. She end up on the street and over time pick up her teacher, another girl and x-23. They are trying to escape a gang and get on with their lives. It is emotional and beautiful and definitely worth a read. It is also a short series so you are not in for 230 issues – just seven.

Other than that I have read Supurbia: Ongoing #1 (I think I started with the wrong volume) and Fall Out Toy Works.

Captain Marvel (including the new series) & Ms Marvel are still freaking amazing and you should check them out! I have also catched up with Saga which have been great.

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