Half-Off Ragnarok

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On April 11, 2014
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Half-off RagnarokTitle: Half-Off Ragnarok
Author: Seanan McGuire 
Series: InCryptid, book 3
Genre: Urban fantasy

Let me start by saying that I enjoyed the book. I am yet to read a Seanan McGuire book that I did not enjoy. This was however not my favourite. The story line from a plot point of view, could easily have been a novella. That is not to say that I think there was a lot of filler. It just wasn’t a very complicated plot.

On the other hand the relationship between Alex and his college Shelby Tanner is front and center. It is a lovely courtship rather than a romance plot (not fake complications keeping them apart).

As always the world-building and the crypto society is inventive and imaginative. I love the snake people they are awesome! And the gorgons are really neat.

I have to say that it took me some time to get used to the fact that the protagonist was Alex Price, the brother of the protagonist of the first two books. While it is very normal in epic fantasy to shift protagonist, it normally does not happen in the urban fantasy genre – they tend to be more like crime novels where it is the protagonist’s story rather than the setting or plot’s story. Most urban fantasy series is even named after their protagonist.

It has been a few weeks since I read it and I forgot to write a bit of notes, so this what you get from me this time. Enjoyable but not my favourite in the series. I am however looking forward to reading more about Alex in the next book – oh and Sarah, love Sarah! And of course the mice, mustn’t forget the mice.

The stats

Published:  2014 by DAW
Read:  March 14 to 26, 2014
Format: ebook

The author: female, white, USA
The protagonist: Alex Price, male, straight, adult, cryptologist, zoologist, able-bodied.


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