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On November 6, 2014
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Broken SoulTitle: Broken Soul
Author: Faith Hunter
Series: Jane Yellowrock, book 8
Genre: Urban fantasy

Opening sentence:

Visiting the Master of the City of New Orleans was always challenging, but it was worse when he was in a mood.

This series is without a doubt on my top 5 urban fantasy series list. Hmm I should make one shouldn’t I? It has just the right mix of relationships, plot, suspense, pacing and action to keep me interested from start to finish. This is probably evident in the fact that I read something like 10 Yellowrock short stories this year.

This installment is no exception. In many ways it felt like a culmination of a lot of the plots that has been building over the last seven books. For one thing one of Jane’s relationships was taken to a new level and I have to say that I was right pleased with that! It is a relationship I have been rooting for from the very first time they meet.

I still really enjoy Jane and her work partners’ professional, friendly and rather real feeling relationship. I love the banter between them but also how they give each other room when one of them needs it.

Jane and the MoC’s relationship also keeps everyone involved on their toes – one never quite knows where one stand with him. Just what is his intentions with Jane. Just how much trouble is the city in?

I also enjoy Jane’s moral dilemmas dealing with the vampire security, the police and the mortal world around them. Just how much truth should she give the police, how much can they handle, how much is in their best interest, in hers? It is a book with quite a lot of grey in between the quite clearly defined black and white. There are true monsters in here, there are also angles and a lot of creatures that just are in between the two.

I must say that I miss Molly and her kin. As you have now figured out what I like best in this series are the relationships, not only the romantic ones but more importantly the friendships, the antagonistic ones and the professional ones. And the books just have the best action sequences. Hunter acts out the action sequences with a friend and it shows – they all flow so well and they seem very realistic. The action tend to be very dynamic to the point of chaotic.

Highly recommended!

The stats

Published: October 7th 2014 by Roc
Read: October 12 to 14, 2014
Format: ebook

The protagonist: Jane Yellowrock, strait, poc, Cherokee, shapeshifter, vampire hunter/security expect, able-bodied.
Setting: New Orleans, present day

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