Thrilling November Reads


Most of the books I read this month are later books in ongoing series where I have reviewed earlier books. I can’t seem to find the head space to sit down and properly review them. So I thought I would do a quick run down of the books and if I am lucky it makes me want to write the proper reviews. I read seven books this month so that might also be part of it. Looking at the books now I can see that there is a theme though most of these books. Five of them are spy thrillers of some kind or another.

285205 Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs 
Series: Mercy Thompson, book 2
Genre: Urban fantasy

People has been recommending this series to me for some time. Late last month I gave in and read the first one quickly followed by the second one. They are good solid urban fantasy with werewolf. They are not doing anything remarkably new. Mercy is a cool character in a blue collar job which is probably where this this a bit different. The charater interactions and relationships are what makes this serie and what makes it worth reading. Read my full review of the first two books here.

21407176 (1) Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger
Series: Finishing School, book 3
Genre: Steampunk, boarding school, spy thriller

This third book in the series is another solid installment in the series. This is really a fun romp of a boarding school spy thriller set in a steampunk version of England. What more do you need to know? Perhaps you need to know that the protagonist is strong willed and willing to break conventions when it suits her. That she will never be a pretty flower in a gentleman’s bouquet and that really unsettles the people around her. Perhaps you need to know that there is one of the best teen romances I have read in a long time in there among the action – never slowing it down for one second. Now go read it! Read my review of the first two books here

21825528 (1) City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett
Genre: Fantasy, city fantasy, spy thriller, mystery

I have not read anything by Bennett before, but I don’t think this will be the last book by him I read. I will be very surprised if it does not show up on award lists next year. It is the setting and tone more than the story that sets this story apart. Here I will not try to explain the book just tell you why you should go and read it now. Other than the fact that it is really well written, the characters especially the protagonist is just wonderful. Shara is very competent (and a tea lover) but is dropped into a situation that is spinning out of control and fast. She is a secret government agent but not of the James Bond verity – rather the type of spy that is actually effective by working behind the scenes. I know I will have to write up a proper review later, but right now I will just say that is among the best books I have read this year. Go read it now! Read my full review here, if you need more convincing.

20893315 The Future Falls by Tanya Huff
Series: Gale Women, book 3
Genre: Urban fantasy

This is one of my favourite urban fantasy series because of it’s themes of family and because of the fact that is just so darn well written. Huff has written some of the first urban fantasy books that is clearly recognizable as such, the Vicki Nelson books. This last installment of is really wonderful. It is rare that I rate books 5 stars but this is one of those. This is something as rare in urban fantasy as a family saga. And it has awesome music, a dragon, family, friends and did I mention a extermination event. And we find out that life isn’t a Michael Bay movie – normally that is a good thing, but what do you do when a giant rock is bound to hit earth pretty darn soon? Did I mention dragon? Ok I did, now why are you not reading it? I read it pretty much in one sitting – I was unable to put it down. My review of book 1book 2

13604490b The Apocalypse CodexThe Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross
Series: Laundry Files, book 4 & 5
Genre: Urban fantasy, spy thriller

These two are more spy thriller stuff. The Laundry Files books are all really dark while also rather funny. This is also the case with both book 4 & 5, but The Rhesus Chart takes the darkness to a new level – especially in regard to Bob’s interpersonal relationships. This really start to go pearshapped for the Laundry and it becomes clear that they are not really up to the task of protecting the world against what is to come. I am really looking forward to the next book which sadly don’t come out thill next year. The series is really good and quite meaty. If you ever wanted to read a story based in cthulhu mythos, this I this is where you want to read it. On the darker side of urban fantasy this is among the best there is. My review of book 1 & book 2

20499240 Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch
Series: Peter Grant, book 5
Genre: Urban fantasy, mystery

Like the Laundry Files the Peter Grant books also take place in England and is based around a government agency that deals with the supernatural. But the tone in these books are completely different. Like the Laundry Files they are also funny, however they have none of the dark grim undertones of the Landry Files. Unlike the first four books in the series this takes place in the countryside rather than in London. I really enjoy how many quiet scenes we get in this book. It is an aspect many books for adults often leave out – the scenes where we get to know the character’s life. It is something that I quite enjoy in middle grade and young adult fiction and the Peter Grant books has it in spades.

Wolverine_and_the_X-Men_cover1 Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason AaronJason Latour
Series: Wolverine and the X-Men
Genre: Comic, superhero

I have to talk about this comic series. It is freaking amazing! I got it recommended from a podcast I just started listening to, Rachel & Miles X-plain the X-Men (which is so awesome). The series is about Wolverine’s school for young mutans and it is all about the students, so it is great boarding school drama, action packed, emotional, with great characters and freaking awesome. I cried over Toad! I don’t think I have cried over a comic before and the fact that this got me so emotionally invested in a character like Toad who is normally just comic relief really speaks to the quality of the writing. The art is also pretty darn awesome most of the time. The series has made me fall in love not only with a stack of awesome young x-men but with the whole concept of x-men. Started reading it on Marvel Unlimited but about half way though I decided that I wanted to own them in Comixology so that I could read them in guided view. So I ended up buying four trades over the last week. I might do a full review on this at some point soon because I just adore it and I want to show you so many panels.

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