Looking back on 2014

It is the last day of the year and that means that it is time to look back on the year and reflect a bit. I will do two posts today this one that mostly deals with numbers and goals and stuff like that and another that looks at the stories I really enjoyed this year.

I want to compare this years reading to last year’s and to my New Year’s resolutions 2014.

Reading goals of 2014
  1. Blog about every story
  2. Read 100 short stories
  3. Read 5 classic genre books
  4. Read books by more divers authors
  5. Read all 5 Hugo nominated novels
  6. Read something by Ursula K. Le Guin & James Tiptree Jr.
  7. Read 40 novel length books including the books for the other goals

Lets start by looking at what type of stories I read this year. If we ignore the crazy amount of comics I read, then I read 47 novels and 112 short stories and a few non fiction books. That is not bad at all. I had committed myself to read 100 short stories – that goal is definitely reached. And I wanted to read 40 novels this year, which I also accomplished. So I reached goal 2 and 7 without any problems. Last year I read 76 novels but I was also unemployed for half the year and I did not read this crazy amount of other work.

I read a much wider range of authors this year I read 74 different short story authors and 19 novel authors and only 33 authors last year. There is a bit of an overlap between the two but that still means that I read almost 100 authors’ work this year. I am quite proud of that! If I look at the map of where all those authors were from they are definitely a more diverse group then the group I read last year. Though by increasing the number of authors I also increased the number of american authors. I have read more people of color if not a higher percentage. Which means that I also reached goal 4. I largely did this though my reading of short stories. If we look at the gender breakdown, then I have once again read more female than male authors but I have read more men than last year.

I did not read five classic genre books this year. I only read one really, which was The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. I did however also read three short stories by  James Tiptree, Jr. which means that I reached goal 6. I do not think I will read any books by Tiptree but I am happy that I have now read something of her.

Ok so did I read all the novels nominated for the Hugos this year. No I did not. However I  have to say that it was a special case since one of the nominees was all of Wheel of Time which is no less that 13 books. I did not read Warbound, Book III of the Grimnoir Chronicles by Larry Correia. Because it is book three in a series. I tried to read book one and it just didn’t do anything for me, so I didn’t force myself to read book 3. So I didn’t reach goal 3 either.

So did I blog about every single story this year. No I did not. I wanted to but I didn’t get around to it. Especially the short stories are missing review. And for my November reads I ended up just doing one post for all of them. I just couldn’t seem to get around to it.

Lets recap:

  1. Blog about every story – nope didn’t do it 🙁
  2. Read 100 short stories – yes 112 short stories! 🙂
  3. Read 5 classic genre books – no, just one 🙁
  4. Read books by more divers authors – Yes! 🙂
  5. Read all 5 Hugo nominated novels – No, but the ones worth reading
  6. Read something by Ursula K. Le Guin & James Tiptree Jr. – Yep 🙂
  7. Read 40 novel length books including the books for the other goals – Yep 47 novels and two non fiction books and 2 collections. 🙂

Ok what about genre, was it all urban fantasy again (last year 44% or 34 of the books were urban fantasy)? This year it is actually worse 61% of the books I have read has been urban fantasy. Ok I knew I got an addiction, but it is also the genre I like the best – it is my comfort reading. However I should probably make a goal for next years reading of getting under 50% urban fantasy. I should challenge myself more.

I had 15 books I was looking forward to coming out this year. Lets just take a quick look at that list. I read 10 of them while two of them didn’t came out this year and I decided against the rest when they came out. Strangely enough two of the books I didn’t read was by Seanan McGuire. I am trying to read more widely and four books by one author takes up a lot of reading slots in a less than 50 book reading year. I will do a similar list for 2015 within the next week.

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