Short stories of 2016

I didn’t quite make last years challenge of 100 Short stories of 2015, I did manage to read 59 short stories last year. So this year the challenge is a more manageable #50shortstoriesin2016. I noticed last year then I could see that I couldn’t reach the goal I kind of stopped reading short stories, and that definitely wasn’t the plan.

Edit 19/8 16: I have just decided to raise my goal to 100 anyway, as I have read 56 stories by now, so there should be a good chance of me making it the goal.

If you want to see the specific stories read this year you can see them on GoodReads.  Here you can also see my mini-reviews and star ratings of the individual stories. Here I however got the stats! Because I love stats! All the stats!

Note: I use the Hugo Award category lengths as my guideline when categorizing the short fiction I read.
Flash fiction: 1-1000 words. Short story: 1000-7,500 words  (5-20 pages). Novelette: 7,500-17,500 words (20-50 pages). Novella: 17,500-40,000 (50-145 pages). 1 page is about 350 words.

Authors current country

The Protagonists/point of view characters*

*If stories have multiple characters the PoV characters will be counted individually.


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