Glass Slipper Scandal

mediumsheepmightflyTitle: Glass Slipper Scandal
Author: Tansy Rayner Roberts
Genre: Fairytale retelling


I love Tansy’s short fiction and this story is no exception, it has just been so much fun! Glass Slipper Scandal is part of Tansy’s Sheep Might Fly! podcast (which is wonderful – go subscribe. It is always first on my list of things to listen to when it is out), so it is a serial story, which I do not mind at all. The short bits are so much easier to fit into my life than full hour story podcasts, that I just rarely have the time/headspace for.

The story is about a two men living in a fairytale kingdom: The new quill (read journalist) and the new garde. They get swepped into intrigue of a kind that would ONLY happen in a fairytale kingdom – and it is just so much fun. It is winking at the audience, but it isn’t annoying in anyway.

Both of the two main characters are interesting, but really they are more pacientes for the main story ride, than really protagonists. They are however fleshed out and interesting with their own ambitions and personalities. But the real driving forces in the story – are as in all fairytales the royals – whom are such great characters.

The story is so playful and loves all the fairytale tropes, so if you find that silly and stupid, this is not the story for you, but if you like me likes story that play with those tropes, this is perfect.

I am very much looking forward to more of these stories in the future. I wonder if Tansy with write enough for a small collection of these.

The stats

Published: Sheep Might Fly! 2016
Read: April 11 to May 23, 2016
Format: audiobook

Author: Female, white, Australia
The protagonist: Kai & Dennis, reporter and royal gard, young, able bodied, one of the gay (the other we do not know yet)

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