My name is Sidsel Pedersen and I am from Denmark. I am a highschool teacher and an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy and other specutal fiction. I am also a roleplayer and a happy home cook.

I read somewhere between 50 and 150 stories a year. Mostly books but also short stories and comics. I read some of those books via audiobook – and yes I read those! I also read a lot of comics.

I have a master’s degree with a major in history and a minor in social sciences. I also have training as a “medie grafiker” – which loosely translate to graphic designer.

I live in Aarhus Denmark and was born in 1982. My boyfriend and I are living together in a flat near Aarhus University. We have lived together for more than nine years now. We are both originally from the area around Viborg and three back.

I am the editor in chief of the on-line magazine LivingSims about The Sims games and interior/exterior design. I work together with around 15 people from around the world to create the magazine which is published every 2-4 months. We are completely independent and free.

I know my English is far from perfect, I try to use spell check and re-read my text before I post it, but there is bound to be errors. I am not a native speaker and I find spelling hard in general. I hope you can forgive the errors and focus on the content.

The blog

I already have a few other websites which you can find here. But I want a place to write about the books I read, the roleplaying games I take part in and share some recipes, so I thought that a blog would make more sense than stuffing them into my existing sims creators blog or on my portfolio page. I am planing to write mostly about the books I read. I do this mostly for my own benefit – I will not so much be writing formal reviews as I will squee about the books and stories I like. Do not expect my doing critical analysis because this is not what I plan to do. Not saying that I will not be commenting on interesting issues in the books that I read.

I also plan sharing interesting research I find and writeups on the live roleplaying games and LARPs that I take part in.

I adore fiction and I consume a lot of it. It tends to be fantasy or science fiction in one form or another. Stright books about our world, tend not to interest me much. There need to be some twist to it for me to be interested.

The fiction I consume tend to have females as central characters. This is not always the case and it is not by design. It is just the stories that happens to interest me. I will break down the numbers for you if you are interested, take look at what I read this year – I even got stats.

I love novels, comics, movies, short stories, flash fiction, tv-series, novellas and many other forms of fiction.

Why write in English?
I am not a native English speaker. I didn’t even read or write English till I was in my twenties, so why do I write the blog in English, wouldn’t it make more sense to do it in Danish. No, not really. At least not to read. I read almost exclusionary in English now and I follow the English language discussions of reading and writing SF&F. So to be part of that discussion it make sense to me to write in English, because anything that isn’t is excluded from the discussion by default. Because I listen and read to so much about the genre in English, the terminology I use in my head is also in English, and I often have no idea how to translate the terms into Danish.

I know my English is far from perfect. It has tons of grammatical errors and I am sure I mix up then, than and when all the time. I hope you will bare with me and excuse the errors of a foreigner.

I hope you will enjoy my reviews and you are welcome to comment.

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  1. Your written English is as good as most native speakers! I have even seen your mistakes before. “Bare” means naked. “Bear” (in this context) means “put up with.”

    I love the idea of 100 stories in a year. I’ll have to try it myself for 2016!

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