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Godzilla (2014)

50e3ea8eabf54b3628e2fecabcb9f655I just came home after a long day. My boyfriend and I were to a family gathering  a party for one  of his nephews – his confirmation. As so many family gathering it was loud, too much food, there were too many people I had no idea who was and I found it kind of tiring – as I often do with that kind of gathering. At least it was rather casual and we were able to skip the church part of the day. So when we were going home by train I suggested going to see a movie – and boy was I in the mood for some dumb action by then. Luckily for us Godzilla just had its premiere – which seemed like the perfect match.

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Thor: The Dark World

thor-the-dark-world--thor-karanlik-dunya-2013I finally watched Thor: The Dark World last week while I had the flu. And it is surprisingly good! Especially compared to the first movie!

When I watched the first Thor movie I didn’t know the Marvel superhero at all. I am a big fan of Norse mythology – being Danish I have known the myths since I started in school – yes they actually teach the myths – it is awesome. So seeing Thor and Loki (who are no where near brothers in the myths btw) running around with freaking horns on their helmets in a space Asgaard hurt my heart quite a bit. Of course it didn’t help that the Asgaard-bits were snoozing boring in the first movie. The good bits of the first movie were on Earth when Thor didn’t understand Earth. And there were some nice action. So the first movie was about a Meh for me – at best.

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