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Books and stories I enjoyed in 2013

BOOK_by_FotunaI was inspired by Gail Carriger to do a post about what I enjoyed in 2013. This will be a mix of short stories, books and comics I enjoyed last year. Since I didn’t start this blog til September last year, I will draw on my goodreads reviews as well as the posts here.

As I said in an earlier post I read 87 books last year and GoodReads says I read 151 things all together, so I had plenty to choose from. I have decided that if I only read the newest book in the series this year, I might still recommend the series because I love long series. The reads are in no particular order.

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Reading stats 2013: What I read this year

fd48c78baf3274b2fe50dfe14435dd72The year is almost over and I think it is time to look back on what I read this year. I will do a few posts on this, in this first one I will look at the reading stats of this year. How much did I read, by who and about whom?

This year I have read more books and stories than I have ever before – at least since I started keeping track of what I am reading. I have read 86 novel length works and I think I will sneak in one more before new years eve – there are four days yet after all.

I have also read a huge number of short stories both in collections, anthologies, in magazines and randomly single stories on the web. In this post I will only look at the novels I have read this year.

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