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The Time Traveler’s Wife

Time-Travelers-Wife-book-coverTitle: The Time Traveler’s Wife
Published:  2003 by MacAdamCage Pub
Pages:  519 pages
Status: December 21 to 26, 2013
Genre: Love story, time travel, best seller

Again I am late to the game. This has been on my to-read list for quite some time now… 3 years according to GoodReads. I often wait a bit before I write my review, but tonight I just finished reading it. The review is a bit rambling… I have just put down the book five minutes ago. I still have a big lump in my throat and it has been there for the last hour or so. I never quite started crying, perhaps because I knew it would be sad, and boy was it sad. The strange thing was that the whole book had this melancholy tone to it. Clara always waiting, Harry always longing to be there.

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