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The Circle

16101193Title: The Circle
Author: Series: Engelsfors, book 1
Genre: Urban fantasy, young adult

It has been some time since I read a young adult book that I actually liked. I think I found one! While many young adult books make teenage problems seems so trivial and angsty to the adult reader, The Circle managed to transport me into the mind of the young women in the book. Made me feel their emotions, their frustrations, their joy.

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Exclusion and bullying

left-out2You don’t get invited to stuff that is going on in the peer group. You are not invited to parties, to hang out after school, to go shopping, to the movie night, to play a game, to the meeting… A normal form of bullying is exclusion from social events.

You might think, not getting invited to stuff, getting left out… that is not bullying! Think again…

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