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The Lotus Palace

The historical romances I read are mostly set in Victorian/regency England, so I was looking for historicals set outside of this setting. I asked around and was recommended Jeannie Lin’s work. Historical China did sound like fun – though it turned out to be set in a different time period than I thought it was.

The setting made the book quite different from the other historical romances I have read this past year, and I quite enjoyed that.

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To the Sky Kingdom

To the Sky Kingdom by Tang Qi Gong ZiI have not abandoned this blog, I have just been busy with other things for a while – and I have read mostly short fiction, which I find hard to review. If you are interested in food, history, fashion or any combination of those, please check out my new blog Postej & Stew.

To the Sky Kingdom is the first book in a long time, that I have felt compelled to review. It is a Chinese book that I read in translation and it is the first Chinese book I read. The story is very much set in the land of myth. It is one of the most confusing and romantic stories I have read for a long time.

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Day 18, story 18: Special Economics

cw_86_300Title: Special Economics
Author: Maureen F. McHugh
Published: clarkesworldmagazine.com 2013, first published in The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Genre: Science fiction, near future
Length: 10989 words, novelette
Reading time: 1 hour and 12 min

I read this as part of my reading challenge: 25 short stories in 25 days.

First off this did not feel like science fiction at all. It just felt like fiction. The only science fictional bit about it was biocomputers. But can really only make it near future.

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