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Kindred Spirits

Kindred SpiritsTitle:  Kindred Spirits
Author:  & Series: DragonLance: Meetings Sextet
Published: 1991 by TSR
Read: around 1996
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fantasy, epic fantasy, D&D, adventure

On the SF Squeecast they always ask their guest what the first book they remember reading on their own initiative was. Which of course have made me think about the question.

Kindred Spirits might not have been my first one, but I remember this one vividly. I had listed to a lot of DragonLance books as audiobooks the year before and finally I had run out of books. I loved the series. It was so exciting and fun and full of cool action and Tessa kicked butt. I was not at all a reader (as in reading words on paper) by then. I was twelve and I was avoiding reading as much as possible because it was hard. I had not really broken the code. I was rather put out over the fact that I had to give up the series, so I decided to give it another go and try to read the novel (which is cut into two parts in Danish). And the wonder happened I cracked the reading code on this book. I started reading novel length works. And I started reading a lot. So this is my little tribute to the DragonLance books that got me reading. This was around 1996 by the way.

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