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Hugo Award Nominees

hugologoI don’t know if you have seen it, but the 2014 Hugo Award Nominees list was released the other day. One of my new years reading resolutions was to read all the novel nominations on the Hugo list, so in this post I will take a look at the list. I also plan to read as many of the short stories as I can easily get my hands on. I have brought a supporting membership of Loncon, so I will be voting for the Hugos. So it is my plan to be able to vote (informed) in as many categories as possible.

So this is my look at the Hugo Award nominations list. I should be getting a readers package at some point so some of the non-free shorter works I might read that way.

Updated: June 4th 2014
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Selkie Stories Are for Losers

Selkie Stories Are for LosersTitle: Selkie Stories Are for Losers
Author: Sofia Samatar
Published: 7. January 2013 by Strange Horizons
Read: February 15, 2014
Genre: Ehhh
Length: 3108 words, short story
Format: Free online fiction

This is the part of my 100 Short Stories in 2014 challenge.

This story is both so hopeful and sad at the same time. The review is kind of spoilery because it is really hard to talk about this short a story without spoiling something + there is very little plot and it is all about the emotions.

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Day 23, story 23: Equoid

wewrfTitle: Equoid
Author: Charles Stross
Published: tor.com 2013
Genre: Thriller, horror, urban fantasy
Length: 33207 words, Novella
Reading time: 7 hours 26 min

I read this as part of my reading challenge: 25 short stories in 25 days.

When I started reading this story I thought I had tons of time, it was only 21.30 after all. Little did I know that this was a massive novella of a story rather than a short story. I only finished reading late last night, which was far from the plan.

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Title: Parasite
Author:  Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire)
Series: Parasitology
Published: October 29th 2013 by Orbit
Pages: 512 pages
Status: First reading, November 05 to 09, 2013
Genre: Science fiction, near future, medical thriller

I don’t know about you guys, but I find parasites truly disgusting and quite disturbing. Not snakes, not spiders, not insects but parasites – if you want to really creep me out tell me about parasites. About six months ago Caustic Soda did a podcast on parasites and they reminded me all over why I think they are the most disturbing creatures on the planet. And me because I am the odd type of person who actually like to hear/read about things I find confronting I was quite looking forward to reading Parasite.

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Ancillary Justice

17333324Title: Ancillary Justice
Author:  Ann Leckie
Published: October 1st 2013 by Orbit
Pages: 416 pages
Status: First reading, 26/10 – 29/10 2013
Genre: Science fiction

The book is about an A.I. hiding in a human body. She used to be a spaceship, but is no longer that. She tries to navigate a human world. It is an epic science fiction story of the same kind of cloth that Dune was cut from.

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