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City of Stairs

City of StairsTitle: City of Stairs
Author: Robert Jackson Bennett
Genre: Fantasy, city fantasy

Opening sentence:

believe the question, then,” says Vasily Yaroslav, “is one of intent.

So I read City of Stairs in November but I have not had the head space to review it before now. Apparently my brain is all squashed most days when I come home from work and my weekends have been full of x-men… because OMG x-men. But I wanted to take time to review City of Stairs before I did my best of 2014 list because this has to be up there.

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Bewitched & Betrayed

7150766Title: Bewitched & Betrayed
Author: Lisa Shearin
Series: Raine Benares, book 4
Genre: Fantasy, metropolitan fantasy

This book series feels like modern urban fantasy, but it is set in a secondary world with a technology level around 1600s (I think). It is high fantasy with elvers, goblins, magic items and all that jazz. I call it metropolitan fantasy because it is very much centered around huge cities in the same way that urban fantasy is, but to distinguish it from urban fantasy, that is my clever name for the genre. I have read a handful of secondary world fantasies that fits this genre and so far I liked all of them.

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