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7094569Title: Feed
Series: Newsflesh Trilogy
Published: 2010 by Orbit
Pages: 571 pages
Status: First reading, July, 2012
Genre: Science fiction, near future, political thriller, zombies, dystopia, post zombie apocalypse

I don’t like zombies, I really don’t. Apparently unless it is Mira Grant who writes them. I think this works for me because it isn’t a horror book, it is a political thriller, which is actually right up my alley.

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Title: Parasite
Author:  Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire)
Series: Parasitology
Published: October 29th 2013 by Orbit
Pages: 512 pages
Status: First reading, November 05 to 09, 2013
Genre: Science fiction, near future, medical thriller

I don’t know about you guys, but I find parasites truly disgusting and quite disturbing. Not snakes, not spiders, not insects but parasites – if you want to really creep me out tell me about parasites. About six months ago Caustic Soda did a podcast on parasites and they reminded me all over why I think they are the most disturbing creatures on the planet. And me because I am the odd type of person who actually like to hear/read about things I find confronting I was quite looking forward to reading Parasite.

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Mira Grant vs. Seanan McGuire

miraVSseananI have just read Seanan McGuire‘s newest books Indexing and Chimes at Midnight and I just started reading Mira Grant‘s newest book Parasite. Both written by the same woman under different names. To me having the different pen names makes a lot of senses, because books written by Mira does something didn’t than books by Seanan.

When I read a book by Seanan I expect to cry, squeee, laugh, giggle, be intrigued, supernatural stuff, a romance and to get some kick ass action. When I read a book by Mira I expect: to be icked out, to cry, a thriller, a mystery, less ass kicking – more investigating and near future science fiction. In a Mira book I expect at least some kind of big corporation or the government to be the antagonist, while it in a Seanan book is more likely to be a person is a secret organisation and I expect at least some kind of supernatural element.

I am the crossover reader who like both, but those are rather different books and I think it makes a lot of sense to separate them.

What you do get in both cases are witty dialog, too little sleep both for you and the protagonist, lots of car scenes, great writing, solid plots, romances that don’t take over the plot, female protagonists who with agency, great relationships, quiltbag supporting characters, a high entertainment value and female friendships.