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To the Sky Kingdom

To the Sky Kingdom by Tang Qi Gong ZiI have not abandoned this blog, I have just been busy with other things for a while – and I have read mostly short fiction, which I find hard to review. If you are interested in food, history, fashion or any combination of those, please check out my new blog Postej & Stew.

To the Sky Kingdom is the first book in a long time, that I have felt compelled to review. It is a Chinese book that I read in translation and it is the first Chinese book I read. The story is very much set in the land of myth. It is one of the most confusing and romantic stories I have read for a long time.

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The Ink Readers of Doi Saket

by Victor Ngai

Title: The Ink Readers of Doi Saket
Author: Thomas Olde Heuvelt
Genre: Myth/fable, anecdote

This is the part of my 100 Short Stories in 2014 challenge. This story is one of the Hugo Nominated short stories and I am reading it in the voting pacet. I have decided to review everything I read for the Hugos.

I do not normally review stories that I do not like on the blog. I normally try to keep things positive, but because of it’s nomination I will review it.

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Chicks in Chainmail

Chicks in ChainmailTitle:  Chicks in Chainmail
Editor: Esther M. Friesner
Short story anthology
Genre: Humor, fantasy, portal fantasy, magic realism, feminism, fairytale, historical fantasy, fairytales, metafiction, mythology, high fantasy, epic fantasy,

I just got Chicks in Chainmail in the mail today, I ordered it after reading Tansy Rayner Roberts great post On Influence. I wanted to read some of the older works in the genre (this is 20 years old by now) so I decided to order it. I am reading the stories as part of my  100 Short Stories in 2014 challenge.

Don’t let the cover fool you, this is a feminist book, but it is is feminism with a big smile on it’s face and a wink. It is clever and it is funny.

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Jackalope Wives

ApexMag56Title: Jackalope Wives
Author: Ursula Vernon
Genre: Fable, fantasy, myth

This is the part of my 100 Short Stories in 2014 challenge.

I have read Anasi Boys and I have read a little Sandman both by Neil Gaiman, Jackalope Wives puts me in mind of both. It reads very much like a myth of some pre-industrial people. Where or which isn’t ever clear, which I do not mind as it doesn’t matter to the story.

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