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If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love

21954222Title: If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love
Author: Rachel Swirsky
Genre: eh?

This is the part of my 100 Short Stories in 2014 challenge. The story is Nominated for the Hugo Awards for best short stories and I am reading it in the voting pacet.

Oh this story is just wonderful! It is really hard to write about it without spoiling it because it is so short (flash fiction). But I will try to say a little bit about why I loved it.

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Day 8, story 8: The Monster’s Million Faces

full_Swirsky_Weber_640_4352Title: The Monster’s Million Faces
Author: Rachel Swirsky
Published: tor.com 2010
Genre: Science fiction, near future
Length: 2532 words, short story
Reading time: 20 min

I read this as part of my reading challenge: 25 short stories in 25 days.

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Reading: Glitter & Mayhem

Published: August 21st 2013 by Apex Publications
Format: Short Story Anthology
Read:  September 9th – November 28th 2013
Status: First reading
Genre: Urban fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, horror, mythology, fairy tale
Website: Glitter & Mayhem

I got this on kindle for $4.99 which I think is an amazing price for over twenty stories. Some of them by my favourite authors. There are stories by  Tansy Rayner Roberts, Seanan McGuire and Diana Rowland. I could not, not get this.

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