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Examining my bookshelves

stack_of_books2So this is my first meta-post reading. I have been listing to a lot of discussions about diversity as of late – which is awesome, eye opening and thought provoking. So I decided to take long hard look at my own bookshelves. In particular what I have over the last year. I decided to only look at books because I read a lot of short stories and comics over the last year, but I am still new to reading both so I don’t think I am quite to the point of having any patterns yet. I know I read a LOT of books by women with female protagonists. But how many books do I read that are written by non-whites, non-westerns, non-middle class and/or quiltbag authors? I might not look at all of those today, but lets see how this goes. Are all of the protagonists abled bodied young people? Well lets take a closer look…  Continue reading Examining my bookshelves