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Reading: Help Fund my Robot Army!!!

Help Fund my Robot ArmyTitle:  Help Fund my Robot Army!!! & Other Improbable Crowdfunding Projects
Editor:  John Joseph Adams
Short story anthology
Genre: eh

This collection is really an outrage idea. All of the stories are fake Kickstarter projects with fantastical or science fiction elements. Each story is presented as if it was a Kickstarter pitch. And of course the project was funded by a kickstarter… which I supported. How meta is that!

Part of the fun of this collection is knowing the format and the ways in which the stories plays with that format. In the following I will comment on the stories that interested me.

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12 space opera stories worth reading

Illustration by Chris McGrath

I don’t know about you, but I love a good space opera. I know faster than light travel will in all likelihood never happen but it makes for darn fine fiction. I grew up with Star Wars and a stack of middle grade science fiction books that didn’t give a darn about the science. I adored Firefly and whenever a space opera movie is running in the theaters I am there. Good space opera to me is all about the plot, the drama, the characters and not about the science of their spaceships. However really interesting space opera play with the implications on society of the world building they have set up. They ask the what-if questions of science fiction but doesn’t let the science slow down the story one bit. I have picked out the best I have read in the genre. I am drawn to strong female characters so expect those. I have mixed in books, comics and short stories and novellas. Enjoy!

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