Welcome to the new Living Sims!

The LivingSims website has looked the same for a couple of years, and we thought it was time for an update. Our website now loads much faster, is easier to navigate and works with smartphones and tablets, so you can read our magazine on the go. We also included the latest threads and posts from our forum right here on the main page to keep you up to date.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

LivingSims is not in beta stage anymore!

We have worked hard, fixed all reported bugs, and now we think it’s safe to say that LivingSims network of websites is not in beta stage anymore!

List of changes:
fixed the unreadable text issue in forum
fixed the invisible list issue in forum
fixed “remember me” function
disabled “friendly redirect” pages
website user panel now communicates with forum

Thank you for all the support,
LivingSims staff.

Issue 19 is here!

For many of us, the beautiful fall leaves are now all scattered on the ground and the landscape is no longer on fire with the vibrant colors of Fall. Pumpkins, once smiling and glowing, are now relegated to the compost heap. The days are getting shorter and the air is distinctly chillier. There may even be frost in the mornings and the smell of smoke wafts through neighborhoods where fireplaces are lit. Couples snuggle and little closer and cozy duvets are thrown on the beds. As some of us are rejoicing that soon it will snow, and the skis and skates will come out, the rest of us are beginning to plan our winter hibernation, stocking up on cocoa, tea and wooly socks.

With the kidlets back in school and the young adults back at University or College, some parents are breathing a sigh of relief, while others may be shedding a few tears. This issue of LivingSims is dedicated to all our students and parents who may need a little break from reality right about now. So step inside the pages of LivingSims, Issue 19, where we bring you our version of back to school. Of course there is much more than school in this issue so drop whatever it is you are doing right now and give yourself over to a lovely mental health break. You deserve it!

Issue 18 is here!

Go get your copy of the magazine and give us your feedback!

For the majority of us, summer vacations are now over; and we are either back in school or back to work. With our noses to the grindstone, so to speak, it is more important than ever to take time out to just chill. And what better way to chill than with a new issue of LivingSims?

It seems fitting that this issue, which is devoted to retro travel, takes us to all sorts of interesting and exotic places. Live vicariously through our sims as they travel to Cuba, visit the Savannah in Africa, party like fools at the LivingSims staff beach party, and take on the Corleone family in Sicily.

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