Category: Side dish

Barley Frumenty

A barley pottage made with eggs and milk as a side dish with meat.

Based on a number of 1300’s and 1400’s recipes.

Cold Potato Salad

This classic pot-lot dish is perfect for a hot summer day. It keeps a few days in the fridge.

This is not so much a recipe as inspiration. I am not adding quantities because it really depend on how strong you like it.

Depending on how many potatoes and your own taste you will need different amounts of ingredients. I like to have enough dressing to have the potatoes slightly covered.

Bone snack bread sticks

Bready bread sticks. Can be made as ordinary bread sticks or formed into bones for Halloween.

Pumpkin puré

Græskar at koge

A pumpkin spicy puré based on a recipe from Anna Wecket’s 1648 cookbook. Works really well in a fall menu.