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Bone snack bread sticks

Bready bread sticks. Can be made as ordinary bread sticks or formed into bones for Halloween.

Game pie

A renaissance game pie, called a “postej” in Danish.

You can make a simpler version by using a casserole dish instead of the base dough and just add a short crust lid to the dish. It should be good, but doesn’t look as impressive. The dish can be made well in advance and be served either hot or warm or at room temp.

Credit: Casing crust: “Postejdej nr. 2”  printed in “Historisk Kogebog” af Else-Marie Boyhus but is originally from Haldahl’s cookbook from 1883. The top crust “Mørdej uden sukker” is from  “Renæssancemad” by Bi Skaarup. The filling is inspired by recipes from both books.

Pumpkin puré

Græskar at koge

A pumpkin spicy puré based on a recipe from Anna Wecket’s 1648 cookbook. Works really well in a fall menu.

Pizza dough

A simple pizza dough recipe, that seem to work. Baking it on a pizza stone makes for better pizzas if you are just baking one, but I find it hard to get to work if I need more than one pizza baked – and this recipe yields two.

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