Modern Villa

I build a large minimalistic villa. It is on a 40×30 lot (the biggest my computer can handle right now) so it is pretty big. It has 4 bedrooms and 3½ bath. I think the bedrooms could easily be converted to different kinds of rooms if you wanted something else then lots of kids. I have furnished the house with mostly maxis stuff, but there are some CC furniture and rather many CC build objects. See credit below. I hope you will enjoy it – I think it turned out really beautifully! Sadly my graphic can’t really handle it so I will not do inspiration pictures for you with a more fully furnished version.


Credit to the following creators whoms downloads are included:

4 thoughts on “Modern Villa

  1. hejsa jeg kan forstå du dansk 🙂 ! Jeg vil bare gerne vide hvor jeg skal lægge downloaden, er det under downloads eller under noget andet ?

  2. Det er så længe siden jeg har installeret en i sims 2 at jeg måtte slå det op…
    Du pakker filen ud (un-zipper den) og doublet klikker på filen.

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