Gothic toddler fashion

I am tired of all my little ones being cute little angles, so it was time to make some more interesting clothing for the toddlers. I made these sets for now – if you have ideas for more, leave me a message and I might give it a go.

They are all unisex. Some are everyday wear and some are PJs and one might have sneaked its way into both categories as I think it is harder to figure out for toddlers then normal clothing.

Download the set

Meshes are not included. Get them here:
fanseelamb @ mts2
fakepeeps7 @ mts2

4 thoughts on “Gothic toddler fashion

  1. Thank you. I always dressed my kids in sarcastic t shirts until they were old enough to choose, and when they were old enough to choose, they chose sarcastic t shirst. Go figure. So anyway, it’s nice to see little kids in sarcastic clothing.

  2. “Mommy’s Monster” 😀 I’ve been looking for something like that for a long time! Thank you! Just an idea: Is it possible to you to make a fitting pirate cap?

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