Gothic & nerdy maternity clothes

Now that all my toddlers have fashionable alternative clothes the mothers-to-be should have some as well. I made a handful cloth that all work both as normal everyday wear and for pregnant sims (with a hack). If you have any fun ideas for more maternity clothes leave me a comment and I might give it a try.

Meshes are not included. Get them here:
BBKZ @ tsr – free – Mesh BBKZ 070209
parsimonious -mesh_k8parsfapbaggypj031205


10 thoughts on “Gothic & nerdy maternity clothes

  1. Thank you Kathrine… it is really sweet of you
    I have also posted the update on Blackpearl that normally helps as well.

  2. The link take you right to the mesh you need. Right now the page don’t work for me, but I will find out what it is called, then tsr works again

  3. Such lovely maternity wear ~ thank you so much! I just love dresses with tights 😀
    Would you maybe consider making a male maternity outfit? I don’t mean to impose or be demanding….but I would be SO thankful: you do such fabulous work. My crazy male sims always manage to get themselves abducted by aliens! (even without a hack)

  4. I can try, one of my finds is a download that let all your maxis meshes work for pregnant – at least all the older ones. I will see if I get the time before sims 3 comes out to make some kind of male maternaty outfit – I guess you want something Gothic as well?

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