Spring Chic

The spring sprite seem to have entered my blood and I can’t stop making recolours with happy girly colours and cute prints. I hope you people don’t mind. The weather is just to good for dirt and decayed stuff. The sets seem to be growing bigger as well – it must be all the sunshine that make them grow. This time I got 41 recolours for your. I know it is insane.

The set include 14 prints. 7 sofa recolours (works for the loveseat and chair as well). One recolour of the goth table from Teen Stuff and 5 recolours of one of the lamps from Bon Voyage.
The easter eggs mesh is made by Simsartgallery (mesh included) • no other mesh is needed for this set.

For all of the set to work you need: Bon Voyage, Ikea Stuff and Teen Stuff

Download the set

10 thoughts on “Spring Chic

  1. Lovely recolors- *hugs the little spring sprites 😉 *
    those bird prints fill my heart with bliss and all kinds of happy!
    Thanks so much

  2. I cannot get enough of these painting recolors. They are beautiful and you are awesome, thank you so much!!

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