Living Sims

Living Sims is the web sims magazine that I am editor on. So fare my fantatic staff and I have made 8 issue and we are working on number 9 witch should be ready in just a few days.

We need a bit of help

LivingSims magazine is about to release its ninth issue, something both all the staff here, and our readers are very proud of. But creating a magazine like LivingSims is no walk in the park, we have a dedicated team of staffers who specialize in certain areas of the magazine, whether it be writing, proofreading or photography. Although we manage to get each issue finished by the deadline, a little extra help is always appreciated. The sims community is full of amazing talent covering all aspects of the sims, and we at LivingSims would love to see that talent put to use here at the magazine ! Right now we’re looking for writers and photographers, but if you want to specialize in another area, perhaps layouts, then thats fine too ! If your interested in becoming part of our magazine simple enter your application at our forum.

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