Casual under the sun

A stack of my old casual clothing for men. I always try to make clothing that are wearable, so you will not find any high fashion made by me, but I do hope that you will find something you actuarially want your everyday family dad to wear.

Shirt and sweater • requires H&M stuff • Download

Long brown shorts + t-shirt under a shirt • requires mesh by Lueppi form mts2Download

Blue/white slip-over and brown pants • requires Night Life • Download

blue/white hoodie • requires H&M stuff • Download

check blue/white shirt and denim shorts with a red belt • requires mesh by Lueppi form Download

Chicago t-shirt with jeans • Download

Brown suit • I don’t think it requires any EP’s or meshes, but I am not sure • Download

Denim jacket • requires University • top only • Download

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