Design on a Dime

K-Katherine @ Living Sims Forum made a really cool challenge – Design on a Dime, where she asked us to make over a room for less then 1.000 § witch proved to be quite challenging and fun.

macthekat016.jpgSo fare I have made over 2 rooms in this way.

Room 1:

I choice a room for a young girl – it is to be her tenth birthday gift this makeover of her room. Her room was rather nice, but it didn’t really show her personality properly and it gave the impression of being long and narrow. So those where the two problems I worked on.

I kept as much of her furniture as possible. But toke a trip to IKEA to get a few new pieces for her. I started by ripping the gray carpet out – she is ten now and don’ play that much on the floor anymore. Underneath I found a nice wooden floor, but it was miscoloured by the carpet glue so I sanded it and painted it white. I painted the walls white and put up wallpaper only on one wall to create a bit of interest. Because the room is so small I used light colours and let the dominating colour be white.

She has a lot more school work now, so I thought I better give her a desk so she don’t have to do the work out on the kitchen table anymore. I toke out some of her toys from the draws and put them up on the Ikea floating shelfs. To make the room fell less dragged out I placed a glass wall just inside the door – this also give her room to put down her bag and other stuff without cluttering the rest of the room. I turn the bed to make the room look wider and to give her more space on the floor – so she can dance around with her friends. I used two big wall tattoos because they are a cheap way of adding personality into a room.
Total budget: $ 991

Room 2:macthekat049.jpg

In the same house, from the Ikea stuff pack I did the living room. Nothing was really wrong with the living room other then a feeling of generic that maxis houses have, so I thought I would give it a quick makeover and inject some personality into it.


I hated the walls, so they were first to go. The big tv unite also had to go because it was dominating the room too much with the red boxes. Instead I moved the tv to a low table and put some nicer boxes for stuff under the table. Because the family have a kid I gave them a toybox in the living room – the kids didn’t clean up so excuse the mess. I brought two smaller coffee tables for them in white because the wooden one as dominating a bit to much. I also put some doors on the bookcase so they could hide some of the clutter any family with children have. I painted the dining chairs and gave the family a cooking hood so the room don’t get steamed then they cook.
Budget: 993 §

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