Green Pre-fab

Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and one living area + an outdoor living area.
Price: 17.213 §

Green living has become not only a trend but a lifestyle that will help us make less of an impacted on our planet. A number of companies have specialist in making prefabricated house made out of environmental friendly materials and that help us save as much energy as possible. The house are produced fully fitted with pluming and kitchen fittings and then just moved and installed to your site. In these houses you do not have to be an old hippie to go green. You properly don’t even need to chance many of your habits as the house helps you save energy without you even have to think about it. I made one of these cool prefabricated homes.

Inspired by this house @ Inhabitat

Requires: No EPs – basegame friendly!
CC included by these creators:
– Holysimoly
– Cyclonesue
– Sixtyten/awesim
– Tiggy027


2 thoughts on “Green Pre-fab

  1. okay, I can’t even remember how I found this site but I love it. I downloaded this house and it’s fantastic. It makes the perfect starter home for my simmies and it’s great for nearly everything 😀 I love it.

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