Think Green

The house has 2 living areas, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and an apendix. Room for a car and a lot of outdoor hang out areas.
macthekat0321Someone asked if the eco house as basegame compatible, and sadly it isn’t.  So I thought perhaps it is time to fire up the Any-game-starter and make house, that don’t require you to have invested half you spendings in sims games. So I opened up just the basegame and Open For Business and spend a lot of time trying to come up with a design I liked. For some reason it was really hard – but I finally came up with this and I hope you like it.

Requires: Open for business

CC from the following creators is included:

  • Frillen @ mts2
  • lirunchik @ TSR
  • Sixtyten @ awesims
  • Cyclonesue
  • Murano
  • linegud
  • Tiggy027
  • Holysimoly
  • fiddledeedee


4 thoughts on “Think Green

  1. hi again–i just installed your eco houses in my game and they look really great–thank you so much


  2. This is great:D I love your modern and eco-friendly houses. Thanks for making them base game compatible- I have a lot of the ep’s and sp’s, but not all of them.

    Thanks again!

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