Mod PreFab

I got another prefab house for you, this one is a tiny bit bigger, and more even more minimalistic then the other ones. It is perfect for a couple as there is entertaining space both indoor and out, and a bit more room for random stuff, though it will properly look better with a really clean style.

macthekat060This house is also inspired by a house at inhabitat

Open for Business required

CC inclueded by these creators:

  • lirunchik@TSR
  • Chrissy6930
  • Tiggy027
  • fiddledeedee


I would love to see how the house look in your so drop me a mail showing me, or comment with a link to somewhere.

As always you are welcome to use my house for anything you want, just don’t claim them as your own… unless you have give them a makeover 😉

4 thoughts on “Mod PreFab

  1. Weeeee…I’ve been looking for some new houses to decorate and I’m happy to have found yours. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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