Requires: Open for Business
Lot: 1×3
Price: 13.757

macthekat063This little one family starter is perfect for the family with one or two kids. It has a large open living area with a kitchen area. The house have 2 badroom and 1 bath and two stairs to the garden. Small windows at the roof edge provides sunlight in all rooms and open then the house gets to warm.

Inspired by this house @ Inhabitat


CC included by these creators:

  • Frillen
  • Jonesi
  • lirunchik@TSR
  • Sixtyten
  • ShinySims
  • Tiggy027


6 thoughts on “B-line

  1. Thank you! I had a really hard time with the layout, so I am glad you like it. The small lot I used is around 2 sqares to narrow, for this to be as I originally wanted it.

  2. I don’t know if anyone else has these problems, but when I download the lot, it contains a lot of CC which I didn’t know I needed the mesh for- or that it was there in the first place, so when the house opens, it’s blue and flashing :/

  3. I am sorry to hear that… You should need the windows, the roof and the walls – nothing more… if I have included more it is a mistake. I don’t know when I will get in my sims 2 game again. But then I do I will fix it. Sorry for the trobble.

  4. I think it’s just the windows, I downloaded a Beddog house when it was featured here and I had the same issue, only objects were included too. :/

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