Butterfly house

Lot: 2×2
2 bedrooms, 1 bath and a big open living area

Here is another prefab house, but it is a bit bigger, then the other pre-fab house. There should be room for at least one child.

It has to be the hardest house I have ever build in the game it liturgically toke me 6 hours to build, so I really hope some of you will like it.


Require: Night Life

CC included by these creators:

  • lirunchik @ TSR
  • Sixtyten @ awesims
  • Cyclonesue @ TSR
  • Tiggy027


Other credit:

  • Stillwater Dwelling for the floor plan
  • CokeBuilder for the the tutorial for the roofs, without it I had not been able to build the butterfly roof.


8 thoughts on “Butterfly house

  1. Another really lovely house by you. If i wouldn’t be on a spree of building my own last few days, i would download them all as per usual. Love the green theme and how they have turned out. Great job Mac 🙂

  2. This is fantastic! I found it on Simscave’s best finds and its easily the best house I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks. Its much appreciated.

  3. Thank you so much Kate! That is sweet words! I am really happy that you people like it, as I have poured so much energy into it. I hope you will show me pictures if you end up moving someone in

  4. I love love love your “green” and prefab lots. In fact, I must count them as my MOST favorite and prized downloaded lots in the sims community. I do sincerely hope you make more in this theme because in my opinion, these are the best. Please please please make more? No pressure! I just love them that much and I’m feeling greedy. Thank you for sharing these downloads!

  5. Thank you very much – it warms my day. I don’t play sims 2 any more, but if you play sims 3 you might be able to talk me into making some.

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