The butterfly house

As you may know the butterfly house was the hardest house I have ever build, and in the download previews, it don’t look all that interesting, so I thought I better move some sims in and decorate for them.

So I moved in a young couple. Danny and Tayet and their two cats mr. T and Ninja Toast – strange names I know. He is a journalist and she is still trying to figure out what to do with her life. Danny really want kids, but Tayet wants to wait a few years. They are both knowlage sims and very into nature so their new eco-friendly home fit them perfectly.

It is more or less Tayet who have made the design choises, Danny was all abosorbed in some kind of magazine with a suspicially amount of pictures of babies… but I am sure he got an explanation. Anyway you want to see the house now, not hear me babble.


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