Lot: 20×30
Price furnished: 40.785
Price unfurnished: 25.267 – so it is not a starter house

Screenshot-103I remaked one of my most popular houses for sims 3, the b-line house.

This lit­tle one fam­i­ly starter is per­fect for the fam­i­ly with one or two kids. It has a large open liv­ing area with a kitchen area. The house have 2 bed­room and 1 bath and two stairs to the gar­den. The outside of the house is covered with stone slates, so it is it needs very little work, to stay looking good.

In­spired by this house @ In­hab­i­tat

This time I made it in furnished version and the garden is a lot bigger then it was in the sims 2 version, due to the bigger lots in sims 3.



4 thoughts on “b-line

  1. hello there! you have a beautiful page and stuff here! Congratulations!
    I’m looking for a imac mod do you know where can I find or ow to create a an imac computer for the sims 3?
    thank a lots!

  2. Diego, have you tried googling it? There are quite a few different ones. I am not a big apple fan so I can’t really remember any from the top of my head.

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