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I finally finished the first part of my geek chic project. It toke a lot longer then I planed it to take, because I kept making stupid little mistakes, and with the new sims 3 system, every little setting needs to be just right.

Screenshot-183UPDATE: I now have better previews for you

A spelling error has been updated

Please re-download the female t-shirt

Remember that you can click the picture to see all the previews

There are 7 normal t-shirts for the teen boys. Shown in the previews

The same 7 normal t-shirts for the teen girls.

The same 7 t-shirts layered with a plain long sleeved t-shirt under itfor the girls.  Shown in the previews

Download The male t-shirt

Download the female t-shirt

Download the female layered t-shirt

Thank you daluved1 for the tutorial on how to make stencils for clothing without it I would have spend even more hours on it.

About the t-shirts

  • All Your Baces are belong to us:  Is an old quote that has been joked about in nerd circles for years go to wiki for more info. And yes it is suppose to be broken English.
  • … I am blogging this! Lets hope you see the back of this shirt before you do something utterly stupid near the person wearing it.
  • Come to the dark side, we got cookies: This is a t-shirt I have wanted for my self for quite some time. The reference is to Star Was naturally.
  • E=mc2: Don’t we all wanna wear the important physical laws every now and then?
  • Keep out of direct sunlight: We all know that nerds have a reputation for being rather pale… perhaps so pale, that they should not be exposed to direct sunlight – perhaps they burst into flames like vampires..? Anyway I just had to make this t-shirt then I sew it online! I am sorry about the spelling error – I have fixed it. – Updated
  • die, n00b: that should worn off any lesser beings…
  • No I will not fix your computer: Just what any nerd needs on a day where he/she just don’t wanna hear another word about your broken hard drive. I know a few people who might want this t-shirt for real. Your computer wiz sims will love this.

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