The Fishers

As you might have guessed, Jamie and Amanda Fischer are very much in love. They got married a few month back and bought the house together. Now Amanda thinks she might be expecting a bundle of joy.

screenshot-96Amanda is very artistic and she loves to do little DIY projects like making over an old dated chest of drawers in vibrant colours. She is very much in touch with her inner child. There is nothing she loves more than reading a good book, cocoa and a cookie. Amanda is aspiring to become a known children’s book author some day, so she practices her writing and drawing skills whenever she gets a chance. She just adores hot pink and indie rock. Amanda’s childish side really compliments Jamie’s sense of humour. He believes that a house needs personality and things that makes you smile. Jamie is a really smooth guy with tons of charisma and he loves to party. His friends are really important to him, so even though he might be starting a family now – there has to be room for his friends. That is not to say that he isn’t family orientated, because he is – very much in fact. He can’t wait to see his babies all over the house – just think of the birthdays he can host for them! Jamie’s favourite colour is turquoise.

The just moved to Riverview and brought a small old Sears house together.The house was rather expensive for their budget and only left them with little over 2000 § to life for and decorate the house. The house is newly renovated by a big company, but they left the fitting of kitchen and bathrooms to the new owners, so some of their money have to be spend on getting a fridge and bathroom stuff, which leave even less money for them self. To help their income Jamie has decided to take a job as in the business career, because he have heard that he might be able to put his good charisma to use – hopefully that will lead to something bigger – in time.

You can download the sims here if you for some reason want them in your game.

I hope you will enjoy follow their life. I update while I play, so if you want to follow the story, then check back every now and then. The story is totally based on what happen ingame  though I cut out the really boring parts. I have reversed the order of the pictures, so the newest now are first, so if you want to read from the beguining, you need to go back to the page with the highest number.

8 thoughts on “The Fishers

  1. looking forward to reading more! Nice lil family. MY first sim was also author, tho romance one, she now old and i have moved on to follow her childrens lives 🙂

  2. I am glad you enjoy it Speechless! This story is kind of for you… so it is good to hear you like it. Look forward to a lot more updates today.

  3. My game crashed this morning after I toke the last two pictures, so I am trying to play till I get after the point, but so fare I have need gotten there yet.

  4. yey. some new pics! Oh dear game crashes not good, hope it behaves now.They such a cute couple and their home is turning out very individual and lovely….cant wait to see the baby, if there is going to be one.YEY!

  5. Thank you Speechless – I really try to make their home pop even with their very limited budget, but it is really fun to play then they have to work for every single little item! I have just been repricing some cc as it was way to cheep – and we can’t have that. I do think that there might be small feet in the house soon, but I am considering having Amanda chance career to something that doesn’t require her to get up before dawn and exercise all the time. Something a bit more low-key might be nice.

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